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Jump Around with Kappa Chow, the Pride of Sackville, New Brunswick

It's a double dose of fun as Kappa Chow drop off new video "Jump" and title-track 7" inch release

by Noisey Canada Staff
Feb 6 2015, 6:16pm

The act of jumping is one of fun and fulfilment. It's also something that New Brunswick punk outfit Kappa Chow easily deploy in their new video, “Jump”. Well-known for their catchy hooks and raw Ramones-tinged guitar chords, the band slows it down a notch with a relaxing bassline that woos and welcomes you to the band’’s inner-psyche, which includes silhouettes of talking heads and rampant mooning from the group. “Jump is a collage of footage shot over the last year on tour and at home, as well as some found footage I contorted and abstracted,” says Joe of Kappa Chow.

For those enthused by the band’s antics the single “Jump” is also part of their split 7” single release, "Jump/Something Better to Do" that is available through Kiss the Void records.

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