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The Return of the Metalpunk Kings: Aksumite Resurfaces With 'Rubber Room'

Stream the new surprise album from Colloquial Sound Recordings boss (and A Pregnant Light don) Damian Master and drummer Tim Lenger.

by Kim Kelly
Feb 3 2016, 7:14pm

Damian Master is the enfant terrible of underground metal—an unapologetic, relentlessly creative force who racks up friends and enemies in equal measure, and frustrates his critics with the undeniable quality of his many projects (the best-known of which is probably A Pregnant Light upon whose Neon White EP I waxed romantic here). He's also big on surprises, which is why he casually flooded Bandcamp today with a cache of new releases from his Colloquial Sound Recordings label—including a new full-length from Aksumite, his wilfully nasty black metal-cum-punk project with drummer Tim Lenger.

Rubber Room is characteristically manic and filthy, painful and primitive; it's all kangpunk chords, sleazy riffs, and ragged, reverb-soaked howls from beyond the grave. If Bone Awl dug sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll or if Midnight hated fun and secretly loved downers, they'd put out something like this—but Aksumite would still do it better, because the devilish duo have got this shit down to a warped science.

Order Rubber Room here before it sells out, and pick up the rest of Master's surprise bounty whilst you're at it; Colloquial Sound Recordings also dropped new joints from Secret Creation, Prison Suicide, and Touch_Screen today.

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