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Here Are The Best Pictures of Drake's Surprise Appearance at DJ Esco's '6 Cent Concert'

The 6 God surprises Toronto based University students again.

by Byron Yan
May 2 2016, 2:00pm

God, look at those beautiful abs poking through his shirt.

When the Ryerson Student Union said that there would be a special guest performing at their 6 Cent concert, a concert put on by the students for charity where each ticket costs 6 cents, it's was with bated breath and heavy speculation that The Boy would once again make an appearance like he did for the Toronto-based university last year. The show opened with local Ryerson student acts into DJ Esco’s set in a cute little gorilla backpack, into first surprise guest and OVO affiliate SAFE who then brought out The Boy, Chaining Tatum himself, Drake. Even if the outdoor lot was cold, wet and rainy it didn’t stop a thousand strong of fans from singing and rapping along with Drake to a short mix of verses from "One Dance," "Summer Sixteen," "Back 2 Back," "Energy," "Know Yourself," and "Pop Style." Drake also hinted that just because VIEWS came out doesn’t mean new music isn’t on the way.

From the surprise performance at Jurassic park to VIEWS to this, Drake has been proving time and time again that his allegiance to his hometown is nothing short of full dedication. Here are all the best photos we took.

All Photos Courtesy of Jake Kivanc

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