Muse's Big Dumb Blimp Drone Crashed into Their Poor Fans at a Show

Thankfully, nobody was physically harmed.
April 15, 2016, 2:52pm

Not too long ago, we spoke to several Muse fans about why exactly they would pay legal tender to willingly attend a Muse concert, instead of enjoying a nice evening doing literally anything else. Several of them mentioned the fact that Muse employs elaborate stage production at their shows, packing each performance to the brim with lights and other various stage effects in order to enhance the experience of watching three guys wank around on their instruments for two hours. It appears their immaculate production went awry last night at a show in London's O2 Arena. As part of their new record Drones, an album packed with woke Banksian levels of commentary about how like the government is evil and stuff, they decided to incorporate actual drone piloted blimps into the show's production in order to symbolize y'know, NSA. One of these miniature Hindenburgs malfunctioned and made a slow descent into the crowd, the hot air of the band's boring commentary leaking out over the squealing of guitar shreds.

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A video posted by James Hatherill (@jamesh134) on Apr 15, 2016 at 2:45am PDT

Rip spaceship. Also shall I spam some muse videos or nah? I don't wanna be annoying