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Watch Killer Mike Speak on Gun Control, Wall Street, and Criminal Justice Reform

"I'm more afraid of Wall Street banks than I am guns."

by Noisey Staff
Jan 18 2016, 10:37am

Killer Mike has been unabashed in his support of Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign for presidency. Recently, Mike had the chance to speak up at a Bernie Sanders rally, telling attendees to, "stay confronting the bullshit at every turn." Then, the rapper released a video of his sit-down with Sanders, where the two discussed medical marijuana, social security benefits, and how best to benefit the people you care about.

Last night, Killer Mike was in the house for the Democratic primary debate in Charleston, South Carolina. During the debate, Sanders asked why millions of black Americans are in prison but not Wall Street CEOs, and both Sanders and Hilary Clinton condemned the "broken" justice system for disproportionately targeting people of color. Mike appeared in the spin room afterwards to speak to reporters and campaign for Sanders, where he expressed his opinions on Wall Street banks, gun control, the criminal justice system, and health care.

When asked, "How does a rapper end up supporting senator Sanders", he replied, "Smoking a joint and reading his tweets."

Killer Mike has been extremely vocal in regards to Sanders' positive engagement with issues affecting youth and POC communities. Speaking to a reporter from Complex, Mike compared Sanders' policies with those of Dr. Martin Luther King. "You deserve a president that is aligned in principle with the greatest black person and the greatest American you've ever learned about, Dr. Martin Luther King," he said. "Poor peoples' campaign, worker's rights, health care as a right, education as a right, are all things that our heroes and grandmothers have told us about. You now have an opportunity in your lifetime to elect a president reflective of those values."

Watch a clip from the spin room below.

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