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Justin Townes Earle's "Time Shows Fools" Is Here to Help You Drift Away into the Afternoon

It comes from his upcoming album 'Single Mothers.'

by Eric Sundermann
Jul 28 2014, 7:43pm

In September, Justin Townes Earle will release Single Mothers, a record that continues down his career path of showing the world that alt-country can be pretty dope. Below, Noisey is happy to premiere one of the album's singles, "Time Shows Fools." Back when I was in college, I saw this dude play multiple sold-out shows to this shitty venue I loved in Iowa City, Iowa called the Mill. One time, he jumped around on the tabletops as we all sang along and I dropped my beer and it spilled all over the girl I was with but she didn't care and we ended up making out anyway. Regardless, this new song is beautiful and everything we love about Mr. Earle. Stream it below.


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