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Here's a Video of Chad VanGaalen Getting Climbed Like a Jungle Gym on Late Show With David Letterman

"There's Mark and Chad from Canada" - David Letterman, after seeing greatness.

by Noisey Canada Staff
Jan 21 2015, 6:11pm

Chad VanGaalen plays the endearing role of everyman very well in his music. He's able to churn out art that makes us feel warm and happy inside, like some sort of psychedelic stoner dad, and he seems like the sort of person who wouldn't have any problem going on national television to embarrass himself. Which is great news for VanGaalen, who went on national television to embarrass himself with his friend, who climbed Chad like a jungle gym, live in front of a studio audience.

For his "Stupid Human Trick" segment, Letterman brought out a number of guests to come on stage and show off their "talent." The second set of guests on this episode were Mark Fettis and Chad VanGaalen, from Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. After introducing themselves and saying that they met in "art school," Mark proclaims that their talent involved Mark spinning around Chad's body without ever touching the ground.

An obviously skeptical Letterman nods in agreement before taking a step back, likely because Mark had taken off his shoes at this point. Then suddenly, VanGaalen hoists his partner in acrobatics over his shoulders. Mark Fettis climbs down the length of VanGaalen's back before popping his head and arms right out from under Chad's crotch, the image cementing its place in my mind's eye for years to come.

The dynamic duo manages to complete four full rotations before being forced to stop by David Letterman, likely because he was being consumed with rage at the thought of not being able to do this. Seriously, this is really impressive. Do you know what kind of core strength you need to be able to pull this off? And it's not just Mark Fettis who deserves your praise. Chad VanGaalen goes a long way in proving that not only are Canadian musicians talented and creative individuals, but they also have your key for unlocking the six pack that you've always wanted!

The fun starts at 2:31