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Stream 'Sweven', Morbus Chron's Triumphant New Death Metal LP

Swedish Death Metal, v. 2014

by Fred Pessaro
Mar 3 2014, 3:45pm

Morbus Chron's unexpected triumph Sleepers in the Rift was a old school death metal blast to left field, ending up on many year end lists despite limited press and the fact that it was the band's freshman LP. Progression for any band is a rarity, cohesive progression even more so, but the band's newest release Sweven is just that; a set of ten new tracks that pushes the Swedes into new directions and carves them out as band with something truly original to offer a scene caught up on staying true to the godfathers. Stream Sweven below for the first time, it's truly a remarkable record and one that the metal heads will be talking about for the maunder of 2014. Order your vinyl copy before the eBay vultures swoop in.

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