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Au.Ra’s “Talk Show” is Brimming With Sleepy-Headed Psych Pop

The Sydney/London duo are set to release their debut album of languid and cosmic pop.

by Noisey Staff
Jan 20 2015, 8:24pm

Tom Crandles and Tim Jenkins are Au.Ra, a Sydney/London duo who have just released their new single "Talk Show” that we are premiering below.

Mixed by HTRK’s Nigel Yang, the lead single from their debut album Jane’s Lament has the melodic but droning guitar sound that brings to mind the long-sleeve t-shirted feel of 1992 British shoegaze backed with the bright short-sleeve t-shirted feel of a 2015 Sydney summer.

Both Crandles and Jenkins were part of the of the 2010/11 Sydney alternative indie scene with their involvement in Ghostwood and Parades respectively, but Au.Ra takes on a brighter side that is slightly smudged with loops and drones.

Developed over two years, Jane’s Lament will be released March 3 on Felte, the Aussie friendly LA label that has released albums from the likes of Nite Fields, White Hex, PVT and Standish/Carlyon.

We had a chat to Tom about the new record and the band’s upcoming Australian shows before they head back to the UK.

Noisey: You spent some time in the UK right? Whereabouts in London are all the Aussies living nowadays?
Tom Crandles: I live in London and Tim did a brief stint over there too after we started. The Aussies are integrating nicely over there now. You can find one on almost every corner.

Are you looking to expand the band or are you happy as a duo?
We have expanded to a four piece for the live shows. Hopefully we can coordinate and keep making it work but both the guys are busy in other projects. Jules [Sudek] makes sick music under the moniker World Champion who have a single coming out real soon and Jack [Freeman] plays in Jagwar Ma who need no introduction.

Who is the Jane that the album title refers to?
She’s a travelling cleaner from the outer suburbs.

And what about the talk show that the song is named after?
It's a reference to a hypothetical person on his own hypothetical talk show. He tries to communicate but no body hears him. The ratings were terrible. Poor guy.

Does the UK have the 'Future Islands effect' where an artist breaks though to a wider audience via a talk show?
Nah I think the Americans own the 'talk show'. Jules Holland is all we got really.

It's said that your sound has psych rock tropes. In 2015 does that mean more Tame Impala than HP Lovecraft?
Unfortunately I think I'll take Lovecraft over Tame Impala but it's a tough one. It depends how long the sun sticks around I suppose.

Noisey and Felte present the "Jane’s Lament" preview shows:
Feb 5 – Sydney at 107 Projects
Feb 6 – Melbourne at the Grace Darling

"Jane's Lament" is available on CD, digital and vinyl March 3 through Felte.