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Here’s a Teenage Mac DeMarco Singing a Song About Charlie Brown Doing Bad Stuff to a Sheep

Fresh piece o' hot Internet coming right through.

by Joe Zadeh
Oct 19 2015, 9:46am

Alert! A video has emerged of what looks to be a young and particularly mischievous looking Mac DeMarco playing an improvised piano song about Charlie Brown, sheep, and chicken pox.

Now, there’s probably loads of stuff that we all regret putting on the internet. An ill-fated and immortal Craiglist listing which includes your your cell number in it from when you and your friends got drunk one night and decided to put your butt on sale for $15. Or maybe an “Inspiration Board” you made on Pinterest four years ago which is just photos of people covered in glitter with lyrics from the band New Young Pony Club used as captions. We’ve all been there.

But, the best thing about this video of Mac DeMarco right here is that you can bet he probably doesn’t regret it at all, because he’s Mac DeMarco. The same Mac DeMarco that sells stinking old shoes for $21,000 on eBay. The same Mac DeMarco that has a video game made about him in which you just stub out insects with cigarettes. The same Mac DeMarco that covers "Beautiful Day" by U2 while completely butt-naked. He does not feel embarassment, he owns it and wields it like a weapon.

The video was sent to Stereogum by someone who claims to have played a multiplayer online game with DeMarco once, which would probably not stand up in court. And DeMarco himself is yet to confirm whether it is indeed him in the video, but the likeness is remarkable. So, here it is, a young Mac DeMarco, potentially, singing about Charlie Brown sodomising a sheep on a Thursday, in the style of what appears to be a cross between Little Richard and Tom Green. Enjoy.