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It's Friday so Let's Take Off Our Shirts and Dance to the New Video for Royce Wood Junior's "Hardly"

The track comes from his debut EP 'Tonight Matthew,' out April 21.

by Noisey Staff
Apr 11 2014, 5:12pm

It's Friday afternoon, which is the best time of the week because there are literally no rules. Seriously. At this time of the week, the Noisey desk is pretty much just a big shirtless dance party. We're all jacked up on Red Bull and coffee and Mountain Dew and whatever other stimulants we can get our hands on—because it's about to be the weekend, bro, which is a time to not be basic and to #turnup and use other trendy slang and hashtags in your social presence online. That's why we're #stoked to premiere the video for "Hardly" from Royce Wood Junior, a squelchy and wonky R&B track from his debut EP Tonight Matthew out on Parlez Parelz on April 21. The EP's title takes inspiration from the classic British TV show Stars in Their Eyes.