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Get Weirded Out by the Abstract and Experimental Video for "Promise" from Other Families

Other Families is a genre blending band from Toronto that's making us feel a little uneasy.

by Byron Yan
Jan 18 2016, 4:02pm

Ever been to the weird side of Youtube? If so, the video from Toronto's experimental punk band Other Families video for "Promise" will look very familiar to you, with the glitchy, strange mess being made up of a video collage projected onto another video of someone wringing out a wet sweater in reverse. We don't get it either, and it makes us feel kind of uncomfortable for no reason. The song is a blend of genres between electronic, punk, and even hints of R&B.

"We're constantly laundering ourselves of promises, and in the process we seem to wring ourselves dry," explains Zach Buck, singer of Other Families about the concept behind "Promise." "It's that natural way that getting something means giving something else up. It's a painful, unanswerable song, lyrically speaking." Watch the video below.

Byron Yan is a writer based in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.

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