Go on a Trance-Rap Vacation with Nessly and SAFE's "Hollywood"

The track comes off his debut 'Still Finessin' which drops today.
May 10, 2016, 1:56pm

Atlanta rapper Nessly is no stranger to integrating out-there genres into his brand of melody-driven hip-hop. "Hollywood", off his newest project Still Finessin, is a neon-lit chillout cut that's dappled by trance-y rave synths and borrows a bit from the xx's downtempo pop. The end result actually isn't too dissimilar from the "Toronto sound" you might have heard of, and fittingly, the rapper brings local fave SAFE on board to contribute his own harmonizing.

_"'_Hollywood' came about recording at my friend Mike's house," explains Nessly. "The lines 'one way flight to LA' kept ringing in my head for some reason. I just feel like if you love me, say it now before you miss your chance. It's a song about self-worth that I feel a lot of people can relate to whether they share my exact experiences or not. I shot it over to Safe after playing it over a FaceTime call for him. He was rocking with it instantly. Safe and I have an unexplainable chemistry working together." Listen to the track below.

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