The Erotic Art of Skrillex/Deadmau5 Fandom

Meet the Skrillmau5 fan community, an online nexus of digital librarians who collect art and literature devoted to fantasy erotic encounters between these two EDM luminaries.

Dec 14 2012, 3:00pm

EDM is the genre of a new generation. The rave is back, and the kings of its return are none other than the half-shaved dubstep-complextro hero Skrillex, and the masked mage-level producer Deadmau5. They're both icons of a new era, idols of an army of youth dancing along to the same beat. They've captured the hearts and minds of millions across the world. Captured the hearts, minds and dicks.

Meet the Skrillmau5 fan community, an online nexus of digital librarians who collect art and literature devoted to fantasy erotic encounters between these two EDM luminaries. Hundreds of dedicated authors and artists create and share their fuckrave fantasies across LiveJournal, Deviantart, and Tumblr, satiating each other's endless lust for DJ on DJ action. Hard bass and hard cock are the topics-du-jour, and the authors surpass all limits of the imagination. No detail is neglected, no throbbing cartoon cock left unsucked.

In the accompanying erotic literature, Skrillex is referred to by his first name "Sonny," and appears playful, shy, and heartwarmingly cute. Deadmau5, or "Joel," is snarky, sarcastic, mischievous, and domineering, but he truly cares for Skrillex, and makes sure he quivers during climax with waves of pleasure that rival any of the EDM bangers he unleashes nightly on his worshipful admirers.

This may seem fucked up, but who can blame the fans? Adulation can turn to lust as quickly as attraction turns to obsession. To the Skrillmau5 fandom, Skrillex appears to be the prurient archetypical weird guy next door: Odd, diminutive, but sexually charged with masculine strength revealed in the power of his massive bass drops. Deadmau5 on the otherhand, the mysterious man behind the mask, eschews geek vulnerability with the domination of his musical craft.

If this stuff turns you on, which it probably does, you can delve into the Skrillmau5 community here. But for a little primer, I'll share some excerpts of the finest Skrillmau5 fanfic to be found online, plus some sick erotic fan art. So before your next rave, satisfy your all-commanding libido by rubbing one out with visions of your idols doing some gay sex stuff, so that you can focus on the next epic drop instead of fantasizing about visions of hot EDM pole filling your face with cum.


Here Skrillex just jizzed everywhere, even on his chin after having impromptu phone sex with Deadmau5, who thinks this sticky situation is hilarious. Skrillex's Blackberry has cum on it too! Oh no!

"“Aw, man,” he complains, finally feeling like a real person instead of a shivery puddle of lust. “It got on my chin, what the fuck.” He tries to wipe his face, but his hands are both gross too.

Joel is laughing like crazy, hard enough that Sonny has to turn speakerphone off even though that means he’s going to have to wipe off his Blackberry now too."


In this story Deadmau5 and Skrillex are trying to survive after the end of the world, sleeping on burnt mattresses and scavenging for food. Deadmau5 sticks a gun in Skrillex’s mouth, then they do gay things to each other and promise to die together when they are tired of their painful struggle to survive. This story is really depraved, intense, and kinda sad, exploring the dark side of devotion. Highly recommended for fans of both apoca-lit and Skrillmau5 fandom:

“Sonny tilts his head and opens his mouth to let more of the barrel in until it nudges the back of his throat. When Joel’s hips move down and forward again, he comes hard without Joel even touching him. And Joel makes a low, beautiful sound and goes completely still for just a second before his hips move once, twice more and pulls the gun out of Sonny’s mouth and just kind of collapses on top of him.”


This is the best opening to any work of literature ever. This story is about Deadmau5 licking Skrillex's butt:

"Oh God..." Joel grinned. It was always a good sign when Sonny found religion. Especially when Sonny found religion while half-naked and cuffed to the bed… And then he spread Sonny's ass wide and gave it a long, flat lick.”


In this story Skrillex is a "lazy bottom." Bummer, guys:

“Sonny was soft, not muscled, and he cooed under Joel’s hand. The older man had a hard time imagining this kid as anything but a lazy bottom. Joel pushed Sonny’s shirt up to his chin and played with the fine hairs that ran from his belly button to the waist of his jeans. Sonny squirmed."