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Stagediving to Inner City Crime: Despise You & Magrudergrind Live

Slow-fast-always-brutal in a cramped DIY space
April 7, 2014, 1:30pm

Photos by Suren Karapetyan

One-time elusive west coast powerviolence band Despise You were, until semi-recently, a thing of legend. Though they formed in the mid-90s and called it quits by the turn of the century, it took a 2007 performance for the band to play its first ever live show in their native Los Angeles. Rare appearances followed, including festivals and short stints on the east coast, one of which were this weekend's fly-in dates in NYC. Though not their first time to NYC, the rage and energy from the crowd felt like something that had been building up for decades.

Magrudergrind, featuring new Psychic Limb drummer Casey Moore, acted as direct support at their first appearance on Friday (4/4) at Silent Barn in Brooklyn, while long-running grindcore unit Backslider expanded from duo to trio for the appearance. Grudges, featuring members of Manipulate and White Widows Pact, set the tone for the evening.

Check out photos from Silent Barn below.