Be 'Bliss'-fully Walloped by Heavy Hearts' New Album

Listen to the Niagara emo band's most cohesive project yet.

by Byron Yan
Jun 21 2016, 4:00pm

Photo by Wyatt Clough

Niagara’s four piece Heavy Hearts is set to put out their first debut full length Bliss with New Damage Records. With 12 songs loaded in this project, the lengthy release is chock-full of a hearty blend of emo, heavy tones and thoughtful melodies. Tracks like “Hazel” that perfectly demonstrates the band’s dense sound with light wailing leads. Meanwhile, “Rust” showcases a lighter side of the band, which then immediately explodes into a dramatic, tone-heavy post-hardcore riff with frenzying guitar scratching and an emotional mixture of screams and singing. Bliss as an album gives more than enough leeway for Heavy Hearts to show the world their ability to convey tragedy through their sound.

“We wrote the majority of the record during the summer of 2015," explains singer Justin Glatt. "With this being our first full length we put a lot of pressure on ourselves during the writing process. Cohesiveness was always a concern and I think we succeeded in writing a record where all of the songs make sense together.” The album comes out June 24th but you can listen to it earlier below.

Byron Yan is a writer from Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.