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PREMIERE: Listen to Mexican Slang's New Punk Thrasher, "Fever"

Get really angry and freak the fuck out to Mexican Slang's new track.

by Kayla Monetta
Mar 5 2015, 3:35pm

This week in "Girls That Make Me Want To Start A Band" we have a new loud fuzz-punk track from Toronto trio, Mexican Slang. The band is lead by Annabelle Lee, who started Mexican Slang as a solo project in her attic, recording gritty tracks that are seriously addicting. It's hard not to have a massive girl-crush on this chick. She is the modern day Rizzo of punk– the type of girl who owns the perfect leather jacket, wears sunglasses inside, and smokes cigarettes in the girls bathroom in high school while staring me down, making me too scared to wash my hands. The band's new track "Fever" is basically the sonic version of this exact scenario. Of the track, Annabelle says "Fever is a song about having self-destructive tendencies. It's about being impulsive, self-defeating and spiteful towards the world. The undertones are sarcastic but it's ultimately about having so much anger inside of you that you want to bash your head against a wall."

Hell yeah, girl. "Fever" will be available on seven-inch on March 28 at Mexican Slang's release show with Ukiah Drag at S.H.I.B.G.B.S in Toronto. Listen below.