Sucré Flips Through Her Old Photo Albums

A pictorial trip down memory lane with Sucré's lead singer Stacy. Surprisingly few fashion fails.

Sep 16 2014, 3:26pm
The last time we heard from Stacy King—the artist known as Sucré—was circa 2012 when she released her debut album A Minor Bird, a record that see-sawed between sparse, delicate compositions ("Light Up") and more fulsome pop epics, as on "Chemical Reaction," with its heartbeat drums and careening strings. Vocally, if a blend of Feist, Sarah Barthel from Phantogram, and Regina Spektor gets you excited, Sucré is right up there. After a mini-hiatus—Stacy had a baby girl with her husband and bandmate Darren—the trio are back with their newly released five-track EP Loner. It's synthier, darker, and demonstrates a heftier pop suckerpunch. See "Young and Free" above for evidence.

We asked Stacy to root around in her old photo albums for Scrapbook, Noisey's regular column where we chart the stylistic and musical evolution of an artist. Ostensibly it's an excuse to look at LOLs pics of popstars. The ultimate TBT (except it's Tuesday). Turns out Stacy's always looked pretty cool. Even during her Alanis Morrissette phase.


I really don’t remember anything about this but I look so happy! I wasn’t a very girly-girl as a kid but I always loved ballerinas and wanted to be a dancer. I still do. If I wasn’t a musician, that’s what I would love to do—to dance.

I’m such a stinker. Our mom made everything we wore, six siblings—four girls and two boys—and she made matching outfits for us. This one was hand-painted.


My dad collected old Coke machines and tons of other vintage items, this is one of them that we are sitting on. This was actually taken at one of our very first shows we played at a coffee house in Tyler, Texas. I was 10 here. I notice that I’m also wearing an Adidas track suit with a ponytail. I was listening to a lot of Cranberries and Alanis Morrissette at the time. ​I remember that phase as feeling pretty confident in my style.

First of all, this picture makes me look way taller than I really am.
There’s also a black and white theme that keeps reoccurring in my photos. Elsie [Larson] made this dress for me to wear for this shoot. This was one we did for the last record when Sucré was beginning.


A Minor Bird.

This is my romantic phase. This was taken right after we finished recording [Sucré debut album] I’m with my husband Darren (center) and Jeremy Larson who produced the record.

I love hats. This shoot was styled by my good friend Elsie Larson. She has a website called A Beautiful Mess and makes amazing clothes. She found a bunch of really old vintage dresses and hats for me to wear for this and shot a series of photos in these outfits.

I wanted to show contrast for my record, to show that there was a darker side.

It didn’t turn out as dark as I would hope—it turned out a little more Pulp Fiction than I imagined.

This was a shoot I did for Citizens of Humanity last year. Rafael Pulido shot this and styled me as well. This was my favorite piece from the shoot.

My friend Bliss Katherine did this shoot in my living room a few months ago for the new record. I wanted to do something that felt a bit more edgy and modern compared to the previous shoots and I love how this turned out. The Wildfox sunnies with the leather jacket.

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Sucre's EP Loner is out now via Red Velvet