The Orwells Are Terrible Human Beings

The Chicago brat rock crew talks embracing their bad reputation and a new sound on their forthcoming album: "We're not gonna be kickin' it with Kanye any time soon. And that's okay."

It's been a minute since we heard from Chicago suburb brat-rock outfit The Orwells—more than two years to be exact. Following the success of 2014's Disgraceland, the quintet broke into the mainstream with their standout single "Who Needs You," landing them play in Apple commercials and the festival circuit alike. Now the group has returned with a new fully-realized sound and aesthetic on their follow-up Terrible Human Beings, which drops Friday on Atlantic subsidiary Canvasback.

The new album found the group recording in Chicago legend Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios and reunited them with acclaimed Arctic Monkeys producer Jim Abbiss. The re-vamped experience brought a rich sound and depth to Terrible Human Beings, a record that details everything from tour party lifestyles to their love-hate relationship with hometown fans.

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