Chance the Rapper Is Starting an Awards Show That Honors Teachers and Parents

The Chicago native will host SNL this weekend and spoke about it on 'The Tonight Show.'

Nov 17 2017, 4:20pm

Chance the Rapper will become to first unsigned artist to ever host SNL this coming weekend. The Chicago native made a recent appearance on The Tonight Show and shared that, as it currently stands, three of the episode's sketches are his creations. He came to New York prepared with five sketches, one of which Donald Glover helped with. "I have to give credit to my good friend Donald Glover, who helped me with the idea," he said. "He's a great dude."

While there, Chance also announced that in 2018 he will be starting the Twilight Awards, a Chicago-based ceremony created to honor the work of teachers, principals, parents, and students. "We're hoping to have a lot of special guests there, a lot of special performances," he said. "And take time a moment to honor the people that do some of the most important work in our country." Watch the full clip above.

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