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The National Revisit 'Bob’s Burgers' for Some Thanksgiving Cheer

"Give It to Teddy" is a gently uplifting cover of the end credits music from last week's episode of the FX comedy.

by Alex Robert Ross
Nov 24 2017, 3:36pm

Grown-up mood-rockers The National have returned to the music of FX comedy cartoon Bob’s Burgers for another Thanksgiving-themed cover, just in time for your food hangover. “Give It to Teddy,” released late last night, is a gently uplifting reimagining of the end credits music from last week’s episode, “Thanks-Hoarding.” As they did with their three-track cameo on last year’s 107-song The Bob’s Burgers Music Album, the band push their smoky, morose aesthetic into deadpan parody, with Matt Berninger’s baritone wrapping around less-than-serious lines. A favorite: “But is a Gerald Ford bobble-head / That doesn't really bobble / Worth your trouble, Teddy?”

Bob’s Burgers has been behind some fun pop music over the last few years. Belcher family matriarch and wine enjoyer Linda breaks into song at inappropriate moments, gender-ambiguous adolescent Gene is obsessed with gear, farts, and the timbre of everything, and the show usually closes out with a brief, weird burst of melody. Reviewing The Bob’s Burgers Music Album earlier this year, Robert Christgau found that he couldn’t help but return to the record in idle moments: “Now past five plays on both discs, I'm still chuckling at jokes I know and catching new ones, and in some vaguely avant-garde way no longer finding the thing unmusical.”

"Give it to Teddy" also comes with a kaleidoscopic video, which you can watch at the top of the page.

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