Yankees Roast Indians on Twitter, Jose Ramirez Roasts 'Em Right Back

The Yankees tweeted a picture of LeBron James repping the Yankees and Ramirez countered with...Donald Trump

by Sean Newell
Oct 5 2017, 8:40pm

Screen capture via Twitter

The New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians open up their best-of-five Division Series tonight at 7:30, but both sides are already out there taking hacks. Earlier in the day, the Yankees Twitter account tweeted a picture of LeBron James—king of Cleveland—proudly repping a classic, non-racist mascot baseball hat often associated with the. LeBron is on the record as big Yankees fan because he is a big "supporter of winners," so the Yankees shared a photo from the 2007 ALDS when he caused a scene wearing a Yankees hat at Game 1 in Cleveland.

10 years later the Yankees are back in Cleveland, and the Indians are not here for any of New York's bullshit. Third baseman Jose Ramirez who is very good at baseball and Twitter, was predictably good at Twitter in response. Although he gets points deducted for quickly deleting it, this is a scorcher down the line:

There is really no coming back from that one, the Yankees got owned. The only hope for the Yankees is that Ramirez runs afoul of Yogi Berra's theory of not wanting to waste hits in meaningless games.

If you're looking for more Division Series action, check out our infographic breakdown of all four matchups:

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