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KTOE Cruises And Flexes Through Local Haunts on The Infectious "Holy Ghost"

The vibrant video features cameos from Toronto's very own Jazz Cartier, Ty Senoj and Unimerce.

by Noisey Canada Staff
Nov 2 2018, 3:46pm

"In the condo with my feet up" is such a Toronto specific flex that one can't help but say out loud, regardless of actual income, with your whole chest. KTOE, however, says it with such indifference on his new single "Holy Ghost," showcasing his natural penchant for easy quotables that feel like verse-long hooks. Best known for his production and feature work with Jazz Cartier including single "Right Now", KTOE floats through the spacy self-produced track while taking us through his vision of the city in the Elliot Muscat-directed video. All the while, featuring cameos from the likes of Jazz Cartier, TY Senoj, and Unimerce.

"'Holy Ghost' is about the KTOE come up story, and my real lifestyle that people don't really get to see cause I don't post or tweet about every move I make," says KTOE. "These are my real friends, my real surroundings, people I kick it with from time, and artists and creatives that are fans of me and I am a fan of them so the energy of the song and video is 100 percent organic."