Make Your Life Infinitely Better with this Mix from Two of Balearic's Finest DJs

It turns out that nothing is better than five and a half incredible hours of Phil Mison and Moonboots. Except maybe pints.
July 5, 2017, 3:15pm

Some things in life are perfect: cold pints, hot chips, the early morning light in August. For years I'd thought they were the only really, truly, honestly perfect things that Earth had to offer us. Sure, rollercoasters, power showers, and salt beef bagels come close, but you could probably find some fault with that trio of you were really picky; your glasses fell off mid loop-the-loop, the water pressure was too intense, there was slightly too much mustard on the bagel and the mustard unfortunately overpowered the tang of the hot pink beef.

Then, just yesterday, my world changed forever. Because yesterday the world presented me with this:

Yes you saw that right—what we have right there really is a FIVE AND A HALF HOUR set by Balearic gods Phil Mison and Moonboots! Taken straight from the soundboard at Brilliant Corners last month, this is an essential listen for anyone with even the merest inkling of interest in, well, music.

Obviously throwing two of the best selectors out there together behind the platters at one of the swankiest sushi and small beer spots in east London is always going to be a worthy exercise, but trust us when we say that this might just be the most absurdly enjoyable mix of 2017 to date.

Zipping through Laurel Canyon folk, misty-eyed late-afternoon melancholy, fluttering flamenco, private press oddity perfection, cosmically-inclined country rock, breathy synth-pop, Ibizan hillside police chase soundtracks, waterlogged house-not-house, and Barry White, this is the sound of two men who know good music inside out doing nothing but playing amazing records for nearly six hours.

So there we have it, perfect: cold pints, hot chips, the early morning light in August, and this mix. If that's all we have then maybe life's not so bad after all.