This Is How Much Quebec’s Premier Thinks It Costs To Feed a Family

We’re guessing Philippe Couillard hasn’t bought his own groceries in a while.

by Manisha Krishnan
Sep 24 2018, 4:13pm

Philippe Couillard thinks a family of three could live off $75 a week in food. Photos via Facebook/Flickr user clayirving

Grocery shopping is one of the most annoying chores simply because you have to do it constantly, otherwise you wouldn’t eat. So most of us are quite familiar with how much it costs to buy bread, milk, and the other basics. But apparently Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is less familiar with that information, as he recently claimed on a radio show that a family of three can survive off $75 in groceries a week.

According to CTV, the Liberal leader said that amount of food would be sufficient for two teens and one adult. Couillard has been taking heat for his comments, which many people (rightfully) have characterized as completely out of touch. A Global News report found that on average, a family of four pays $220 in groceries a week.

It’s probably safe to say Couillard, a former neurosurgeon, should at least double his assessment or stop thinking of ketchup sandwiches as food.

After being challenged on his comments, Couillard reportedly acknowledged that the $75 a week plan would be lacking in variety and would require a person to “look through all the flyers, and you shop only for what is on sale.”

John Clarke, organizer with the the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, tweeted “A rather telling knowledge gap in a political leader dedicated to #austerity. #PhillipeCouillard [sic] has no idea how much it costs to feed a family of three for a week. His hero #MargaretThatcher wouldn't have been impressed either. She was a grocer's daughter.”

But Couillard has yet to apologize for the gaffe, sticking to his claim that it would difficult but not impossible for a family to live off $75 in groceries a week. Maybe he should try it.

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