VWOS Season One

The Kiwi twins in Kenya's running Capital: VWOS

The tiny village of Iten, Kenya is home to the fastest runners in the world, more record-holders than anywhere else…and a pair of testy twins from New Zealand.

by VICE Sports
Dec 21 2017, 8:59pm

"Whenever black people are really, really good at shit—historically, for some reason, white people want to find some sort of magic bullet to explain away some advantage. It's bullshit. The Kalenjin people have this sense of being really present. They're not a complacent people. They make do with what they have. It's the sense of an ideal climate, elevation, struggle, being able to be present, and knowing how to endure—I think those are all things that weave into the Kenyans having an advantage. And for Jake and Zane, they bought into the system of living there, adopting struggle, adopting that making-do lifestyle, and being present—basically adopting that Kenyan attitude toward living—that's when the altitude and all that other shit evens out. And when they were able to run amongst the Kenyans."

- Sal Masekela, host of VICE World of Sports and Jake and Zane.

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