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'Bama Fan Found Naked on University Porch After Championship Celebration

The young man was arrested and released form Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $300 bond.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jan 11 2018, 4:50pm

Screen capture via the feature film Old School

When going streaking, it's important to know when it's time to stop going streaking. Typically, say, after a few minutes. But after a couple of REM cycles, you know you've been streaking too long. That's usually when you're just naked and asleep on someone's porch.

That exact thing happened to some clothing-averse student at the University of Alabama after celebrating yet another Crimson Tide national championship early Tuesday morning. According to, the 19-year-old was found on the porch of a University of Alabama office building at 5 a.m.—several hours after a huge party near a row of bars, ironically named "The Strip."


“Upon our arrival, I saw a white male sitting on the porch naked with his clothes scattered in various places,” a UAPD officer wrote in the arrest report. ”(The student) stated that he had been drinking earlier in the night and didn’t know how he ended up there.”

The officer said the man was not a danger to himself or others, but charged him with public lewdness because UA employees had seen him.

Bare Bear Bryant would be proud.