Landlords in Vancouver Busted for Sex-for-Rent Ads

Sex for rent has become a growing trend as the cost of living in some Canadian cities continues to be absurd.

by Allison Tierney
Sep 30 2016, 4:34pm

If you've ever looked for an apartment on Craigslist in one of Canada's overpopulated cities—and bless your heart if you have—you've probably come across creepy ads offering discounted or free rent in exchange for sex. CTV News in Vancouver has revealed via a hidden camera investigation that, yes, these ads are definitely for real: Landlords are getting sexual favours in lieu of monthly rent cheques.

Posing as a woman looking to get into a sex-for-rent agreement, a CTV reporter met up with a dude who posted an ad in Vancouver, a city that is notoriously expensive to rent in and has broken records for high prices of real estate this year. Currently, the rental rate in Vancouver is the lowest in the country, meaning that the city is the hardest to find a place to live in.

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Caught on hidden camera, one landlord said to a reporter, "Sometimes I like it rough, yeah. Maybe a little more dominant." Another admitted that he had already gotten one woman into a sex-for-rent situation.

"Do you like to be on top?" one dude CTV contacted said. "We can have rough sex in the living room, on the sofa."

A Toronto Craigslist housing ad seeking a "sexy & single girl"

But the notoriously expensive city of Vancouver is not the only place where sex-for-rent ads and other intimacy-related offers in place of rent are common. A survey of recent offerings on Craigslist Toronto turns up several, including a "52 year old caucasian male businessman (sic)" offering rent-free living for an "open minded cutie (sic)," another looking for a "sexy & single girl (21-29)" to live for free in a room in Parkdale, and yet another offering discounted rent of $300 with the title: "white guy looking for a latina girl roomate (sic)."

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