We Meet Senator Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair on This Episode of 'VICE Does America'

The gang travels across the Midwest and gets a small taste of the campaign circus in Iowa.

by VICE Staff
Jul 21 2016, 4:42pm

In our new VICELAND travel series VICE Does America, we piled VICE staffers Abdullah Saeed, Wilbert L. Cooper, and Martina De Alba into a 1989 Winnebago and sent them off on an epic American road trip to find out what the hell is going on in our country. The trio traveled to forgotten corners of the US and met porn stars, pot heads, Creationist scientists, an African king, and a few pompous presidential candidates along the way.

On the third episode, the gang heads to South Dakota to marvel at Mount Rushmore, then drives east to the Lakota Native American reservation to find out why the tribe has opposed the development of the Keystone XL pipeline for years. They also run into Texas senator Ted Cruz campaigning at the Iowa State Fair and enter a hog calling competition.

Watch the full episode above and check out new episodes of VICE Does America every Wednesday at 10 PM on VICELAND.

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