Here’s All the People Who Call Toronto 'The 6ix'

A mere seven percent of Torontonians call the city by its Drake-given name. We found out who all of them are.

by VICE Staff
Aug 17 2016, 3:59pm

Toronto has played host to a range of attention-seeking behaviours in recent years, pushing it to a level where people outside of Canada are actually believing it's cool. Drake became the biggest rapper in the world, our previous mayor Rob Ford smoked crack on camera, and Vogue named Queen West the second-coolest neighbourhood in the world (lol). But for all the hype globally about Canada's biggest city, it was missing something—a cool nickname. That is until Aubrey Drake Graham dubbed Toronto "the 6ix."

A marriage of Toronto's main telephone area codes, 416 and 647, or possibly a reference to the number of boroughs that amalgamated into the City of Toronto in 1998, some Torontonians (see: haters) initially resisted the name even though it sure as fuck wasn't as bad as calling the city "TO" or its sad, leftover airport code "YYZ." But according to a new Research Forum Poll, still only seven percent of Toronto's residents have given in to calling the city "The 6ix." Here's who makes up that seven percent:

Photo via Flickr user Rick Harris

  • Norm Kelly
  • Norm Kelly's social media person/nephew
  • "Influencers"
  • VICE interns
  • Community managers
  • Hockey bros
  • Start-up bros
  • Your mom
  • Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
  • Baby thugs
  • OVO store employees
  • The entire neighbourhood of Liberty Village
  • People who also say "Toron-tow"
  • American ex-pats
  • Legacy media entertainment editors
  • People who get all pissy when it's referred to as "The Six" not "The 6ix"
  • Jake Kivanç
  • Toronto tourism board social media producers
  • People who take gym selfies
  • Anyone who has had a shot at El Furniture Warehouse
  • Struggle rappers
  • Meek Mill
  • Ron MacLean
  • People from the GTA who pretend they're from Toronto
  • Headline writers who are desperately trying to stay relevant and oh god life is passing me by and I have no exit strategy for this industry
  • People who used to call it T-Dot
  • The guy from Chicago who's hitting on you at the bar and wants to sound cool
  • Scotty
  • Anyone with a handle on Twitter that starts with "ovo" who isn't part of OVO
  • People with Drake tattoos
  • The staff at Fring's
  • Ryerson University students
  • "Cool" chatty streetcar drivers
  • People who use Snapchat's Toronto geotags whenever they're in the city
  • Craig Silverman
  • Paulina Gretzky
  • Anyone partying on King West
  • People who get personalized licence plates
  • Men's fashion bloggers
  • Dude you 100 p aren't interested in who super liked you on Tinder
  • People who exclusively use Bluetooth headsets to make phone calls
  • The bride on bachelorette party buses from Oakville
  • Justin Bieber's mom
  • UberBlack users
  • CP24 reporters
  • Aubrey Drake Graham

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