Exclusive: Watch the New 'Black Mirror' Season Three Trailer

We have the first look at the new episodes of Charlie Brooker's tech-paranoia series.

by Amil Niazi
Oct 7 2016, 3:06pm

Black Mirror Season Three
Now that Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones' paranoid tech fantasy has found a steady home at Netflix, the show's world has uniquely expanded. Playing with form (the new season tries its hand at a detective show and love story) Black Mirror expertly drills down into the minutia of the hyper-surveilled and always-connected universe they created with their first, critically celebrated season. I've seen every episode now and each one stands alone as a powerful, emotional (I straight up wept throughout "San Junipero") and always subtly terrifying ("Shut Up and Dance" and "Playtest" kept me up all night) glimpse into our addiction to technology.

Get Out
Damn the trailers are fire this week. Jordan Peele's (of Key and Peele) first feature film explores the terrors of being a black man in America through the lens of a classically framed horror movie. Daniel Aluuya and Allison Williams play an interracial couple headed to some idyllic countryside to meet her parents for the first time. Parents who have no idea their white daughter is in a relationship with a black man. Things get increasingly unsettling as Aluuya's character discovers just how fucked up this little community really is. I audibly gasped throughout.

The Take
OK, OK, OK! To be extremely honest with you I'm obsessed with Idris Elba in Luther and this looks kind of like a less morose and murderous Luther so ya, I'm super into it. Sure the genre of, like, normal person gets caught up in the world of super spies is played, but the genre of movies starring Idris Elba is not, so go ahead, get it The Take.

Hmm. On the one hand, Marion Cotillard is a 9/11 truther and probably a maniac and no one knows how to feel about Brad Pitt right now. On the other hand, what would you do if you suddenly found out your wife might be a Nazi spy?! I'm as conflicted about this movie as Brad Pitt's character is about his sneaky wife.

HAHAHAAHA. Everyone is already crowing about Natalie Portman's Oscar nomination for playing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis but I dare you to watch her in this trailer and not hear her doing an expert Cartman impression.

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