Americans Are Literally Begging Justin Trudeau to Run Their Country

Our camp counsellor-in-chief can't even get his smoked meat without being fawned over.

Mar 17 2016, 9:39pm

Just when you thought Justin Trudeau couldn't be more of a Disney hero caricature, two American dudes literally got on their knees and begged the Canadian Prince of Meme to step into the US presidential race.

As seen in this sad, sad video, the guys asked Trudeau, "Could you run for president here?" while the PM was getting smoked meat at a New York City cafe.

Because that's not in any way legally possible, nice guy Trudeau had to decline.

"It's very simple, I'm not American born," he said, clearly wary of entering into a contest with a known Birther like Donald Trump.

But the dudes, who probably weren't at all thinking about how many social media views this story would get, just wouldn't let it go.

"All our guys are so bad, they're terrible," said one, while the other chimed in, "They're boring, weird, you have to settle for them." Pretty apt descriptions for the current Republican and Democratic candidates, respectively.

Shit got awkward when the two grown men got on their knees and continued pleading with Trudeau to throw his hat into the ring.

"I don't know if you noticed, I actually have a job and it's a pretty good one," Canada's panda-loving camp counsellor-in-chief said with a grin, which is the Trudeau equivalent of putting his foot down your throat.

Canadians really, really don't need another reason to feel smug and superior to our neighbours down south, but now we've got one. Thanks, 'Merica!

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