Round And Round This Horror Show Goes for Petra Glynt's New Video "This Trip"

It's delightfully disorienting and has no sense of up or down.

by Kate Killet
Apr 21 2017, 1:49pm

Image via YouTube

Not long ago, the eclectic electronic and multifaceted Canadian artist Petra Glynt dropped her hypnotizing new track "This Trip" with a sweet dub edit by the Bjork associated Damian Taylor to match. As life would have it, the original track now has an indulgently mind-bending video to go along with it courtesy of Glynt, director Mitchell Stafiej, and cinematographer Etienne Lacelle. According to Glynt, they wanted to experiment with image distortion and see what would happen if one spun a camera on the lens' axis, so she and the director built a camera rig, taping a GoPro onto it. 

The video to feels spacey, achieved through one shot video, and filmed with no effects on Halloween. It takes you on your own trip with no sense of up or down. It's delightfully disorienting. The outcome matches the song's same chaos and will wake you the fuck up. "I wanted to express the urgency with my body so I'm kicking the shit out of myself dancing, and Etienne and I are keeping a close proximity with each other as he's orbiting around me. We shot the video in one take—doing about seven takes until my body turned to rubber. We are so happy with the video because it feels like a true experiment that yielded exciting results," says Glynt.

Check out the video for "This Trip" below:

Kate Killet is a documentary photographer and writer living in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter.