We Asked Couples Romancing it up at Niagara Falls About Their Relationships

Nothing says cliche like a romantic getaway at the Falls, but what’s the story behind the cliche date?

by Madi Fuller
Dec 29 2016, 7:52pm

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If you've been on Instagram any time during the past month you have probably seen hundreds, nay, thousands, of couple photos at either the Toronto Christmas Market or the Canadian Las Vegas, Niagara Falls.

What makes Niagara Falls so appealing to couples? Is it the romance? Is it the new sexual experiences? The haunted houses? Is it because Jim and Pam from The Office got married there? From a 70 year old couple that gets more action than the average millennial and not-quite-swingers, I found that Niagara Falls has couples convinced they can recharge their relationship (as long as they don't go to Marine Land).

Mark, 26 and Angela, 25

VICE: Where are you guys coming from?

Mark: We're from Toronto actually.

Angela: Niagara Falls seemed like a good place to chill plus it's a good break from the city.

Oh, so it wasn't for the romance?

Mark: It wasn't at all. It was either going to be this or Blue Mountain.

Angela: We hate romance. I mean, we'll see after dinner if I'll say that.

Okay, I can appreciate that, get it girl. How long have you been together?

Mark: Since high school actually.

Angela: Yeah, so it's not like this was a special occasion. It's been one crazy year plus we've just graduated so we're poor #StudentProblems.

Were you guys those type of kids that would come to Niagara Falls on their first "vacation" together?

Angela: Hell no. All of the high school kids that I've seen today have made me extremely uncomfortable, to be honest.

Mark: Yeah, like where are their parents?

Wendy, 26 and Kurt, 25

VICE: Why have you come to Niagara Falls? Is this your first getaway together?

Wendy: We've been dating for 7 years, so definitely not our first.

Kurt: We just moved here from China a little over a year ago so isn't coming to Niagara a rite of passage or something?

Yeah, I guess it is a Canadian tradition. Any romantic plans lined up?

Wendy: Is going to the wax museum romantic?

Kurt: I think coming to the actual falls is pretty romantic. Something about that rushing water...

What's your favorite thing about one another?

Kurt: Beautiful… I think?  

Wendy: [Walked away.]

Phil, 27 and Chris, 27

What brought you guys to Niagara Falls? The romantic atmosphere?

Phil: Oh, we're not together. Just two bros at the Falls.

Chris: It's kind of a tradition between the two of us.

Okay cool, a bro trip to Niagara, I like it. What's the tradition?

Phil: We come here every Christmas break in search for true love at the casinos. Not joking.

Chris: This has to be maybe our fifth Christmas break here. We both work in Toronto now, but this is a pretty important tradition for us so we make it work.

Dear god. Has this plan ever worked?

Chris: I thought I found love a couple Christmases ago. But she dumped me before Valentine's Day.

Phil: We're hoping for a miracle this week.

Wishing you luck, fellows. What technique will be used this time?

Chris: We decided to come to the actual falls in case some cute tourists needed help getting around. Plus, I have to say it's pretty romantic down here. We've gotten some great selfies, which is a plus.

Ed, 69 and Marilyn, 70

VICE: How long have you guys been coming to Niagara Falls?

Ed: We're just from Cambridge (Ontario) so we try to come out twice a year. But Christmas time is the best. Just time to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Marilyn: And hustle and bustle in a different kind of way. We've been married for almost 50 years so we've had a lot of adventures in our time, but Niagara Falls is always our favourite place.

50 years?! Adorable. How do you keep the excitement alive?

Marilyn: Come to Niagara Falls! Ed really enjoys the jacuzzi in the suite we always stay in.

Ed: I think it reminds us of our more… active years. The falls is one of the most romantic places in Canada during the Winter in my opinion. Plus, there's no loud kids running around.

Very true. What's one tip you would give all of the young couples here?

Ed: Never go to bed angry.

Marilyn: Patience. 100 percent patience. Every decade is different.

Steve, 42 and Melissa, 39

VICE: Why are you guys in Niagara Falls today? Vacation? For the romantic atmosphere?

Melissa: Yeah, I swear there's something in the water here that makes people five times hornier.

Steve: Yeah, maybe that's why we come here so much. We've been coming here since we started dating. Just to keep the fire going.

Oh wow, so you have a few years under your belts. What's the craziest thing that's happened while you've been here?

Melissa: I don't know what it is but we attract so many swingers. Like I said, people just feel more sexually-daring here.

Steve: Honestly. We've only been here for one night and we've already had two offers. And that's a slow night.

Wow, good for you. Have you accepted any offers?

Steve: Not yet, but who knows what'll happen.

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