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2 Bad Mice Remixes Breach's New Single, Showers Us in 90s Rave Vibes

Anyone got an extra pair of JNCOS?

by THUMP Staff
Oct 17 2014, 6:48pm

The last two years have been incredible for Breach, the house-focused alias of Bristol multi-instrumentalist Ben Westbeech.

While the dust has finally settled from his game-changing anthem "Jack," he's finally gearing up to drop his new single "The Key" (featuring none other than Kelis), a massive remix of which we just got in from the original 90s rave duo, 2 Bad Mice. Their flip of the tune is not only a nostalgia-laced rundown through shuffling breaks and pitched vocal hits from Kelis, but is also the duo's first studio work in 21 long years. So grab those old JNCOS from your closet and do something involving a smiley face while you blast this through your office speakers this morning. Then when you ultimately get fired, repeat.

"The Key" is out on December 1 via Atlantic Records and available to pre-order.

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