Fifty Shades of Sydney Blu at Pride Toronto 2015

Church Street was treated to the kind of show that happens once in a Blu moon.

by Elif Rey
Jul 2 2015, 4:05pm

Photo by Elif Rey

Welcome to my girls night out with Toronto's own Sydney Blu, aka Joanne Hill, at the 2015 edition of Pride Toronto. As a local club and music event photographer, I often find myself surrounded by men in this industry. So, spending a day with a bunch of giggling, chatty, champagne drinking women was refreshing. Throwing around a few Sex and the City references, Blu's sweet personality made for a non-stop, high energy evening. Thanking her enviable figure to yoga, Blu spent her Pride Toronto outing in a slinky, cerulean blue dress, accentuated by her trademark red hair. And with her pummeling techno flare, Blu showed Pride Toronto her 50 Shades of BLU.

Arrived in her room, Joanne gives me a warm welcome and starts preparing for the night.

We're NOT gossiping about boys, I swear.

The view from her room. The Toronto skyline looked beautiful that night.

Practicing for our cameo in the next "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" video!

On our way to Pride Toronto. I wonder what she's thinking...

We're here! Let's get this party going!

Walking around The Village, on Church Street, saying hi to friends and fellow Pride partiers.

These four women are a few of Toronto's powerful women and proud supporters of Pride.

Oh my god! It's her!

"Please take a photo of us all!"

50 shades of BLU.

Posing for a photo with fellow DJs Alyson Calagna and Joel Smye.

Ginger beauty behind the decks, always smiling.

Spot Jesse Ship in the crowd. Hint: he has the biggest hair!

Personal monogrammed headphones and all—this girl rocks!

An amazing night had by all, but it never ends there! The rest is left to your imagination.

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