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Video: Morten Gets More Ink

Denmark's beloved DJ star on love, beats, and the pursuit of the perfect tattoo.

by THUMP Staff
Sep 16 2013, 8:20pm

Morten is like a household name in his native Denmark, having co-produced some of the country's biggest pop-dance hits, including the acidy, infectious house banger "Højere Vildere" (with Rune RK), which had people chanting "Louder and wilder" from Hjørring to Horsens. Despite being a celebrity in his native land—where he's repeatedly won his country's DJ awards and even DJed at the Royal Wedding—Morten has recently chosen to chart a new path in Los Angeles, moving towards a new era of club stardom.

Tracks like "Larva (Far Away)" and "Get Static" have already rushed the charts, and he's doing the same with his recent single "Look Closer," the sort of soaring EDM track that calls to mind confetti cannons, rushing CO2 guns, and fireworks exploding over Sensation White. And having recently signed to Ash Pournouri's PRMD Records (pronounced "pyramid"), he joins a chart-topping posse that already includes big-name Scandinavians AVICII and Cazzette—probably not long before you're fist-pumping to his tracks in a club, arena, or gym near you. 

Morten is covered in tattoos, so when he touched down in New York recently, we figured he should probably get another one. We took him to Greenpoint tattto studio Three Kings to meet  the amazing artist Daniel Albrigo (himself a DJ/producer... note the Ducksauce shirt), and he got a tribute to a departed friend and mentor. Along the way, we find out about Morten's life, love, and pursuit of the perfect ink. 

Daniel Albrigo