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Max Cooper Wants to Explain Our Existence Through Music

The musical philosopher takes on life, the universe, and, well, everything.

by Joshua Glazer
Jul 20 2016, 2:58pm

Max Cooper had more than a few things on his mind when sitting down for his Rave Curious Podcast. Top of the list was his new Emergence show, an A/V experience inspired by concepts in math and science that seek to explain the fundamentals of the universe. Heady stuff—but not enough for the DJ who spends his weekends playing all-night-long sest that start with fans comfortably seated on the floor, enjoying ambient, downtempo and post-classic music that slowly builds up into a ferocious dance party of techno, IDM, and even some jungle, as the night progresses.

No wonder the former scientist with a PhD. in computational biology has establish a reputation as a musical philosopher and heir apparent to accessibly obtuse artists like Aphex Twin, with fans who are willing to follow his every artistic whim. "To be honest, I'm quite an obsessive person," he admits right off the bat in our conversation that covers data visualization, the "troubles" in 80s Dublin, and naked streakers in European concert halls. Have a listen.

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