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NON Launches "BLACK Friday in July" Campaign to Promote Black-Owned Business

NON WORLDWIDE has created an initiative in support of #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

by Alexander Iadarola
Jul 11 2016, 8:40pm

Image courtesy of NON WORLDWIDE

This past week, America has seen massive protests accross the country in response to two recent police killings of Black men—Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Aside from demonstrations, many people are looking for ways to actively engage in the movement for Black lives.

As part of the fight to dismantle structural racism and support the Black community, African diasporic label NON WORLDWIDE has created an initiative for anyone to participate in, called BLACK Friday in July. For the event, people are encouraged to exclusively support Black-owned businesses this Friday, July 15.

The collective posted the following message in the event's Facebook page:

#BLACKLIVESMATTER Around The world. We ask that you how your support of Black Lives by Exclusively sharing your resources with Black owned Businesses. This is a call to purchase from nowhere else but Black Owned Businesses on this Day. It is important both locally and globally that we show how much Black Lives Matter by supporting Black Lives with our Money. This is an important factor in terms of taking steps towards generational healing and cleansing as well as a redirection of resources. Let the store owners/employees know why you are specifically carrying out this mission on this exact day. Show them the image of the Event Flyer. Take Pride in your task. It is a powerful act of Justice that will never be forgotten. This is a Historical Worldwide Event. Plan your day accordingly. Thank You for your love, labor, and commitment to carrying out this devout act of Social Justice.

They have also included links to a Black-owned business directory, a list of 100 Black-owned restaurants and bars in NYC, and a blog highlighting products by Black-owned businesses.

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