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Marlins Cat Unable to Resist the Intoxicating Allure of Home Run Sculpture

In the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves, a cat climbed its way up from the field to the giant home run sculpture in Marlins Park.
April 12, 2017, 2:15pm

A cat intrusion on #NationalPetDay? How purrr-fect. :
— Miami Marlins (@Marlins) April 12, 2017

The Miami Marlins home run display/experiment in psychedelia is the centerpiece, in center field, of Marlins Park. Its cavalcade of breezy colors, flashing lights, nature's most improbable animal the flamingo, and like, jumping marlins and shit, instantly draws the eye. Our ever-diminishing attentions spans are helpless against it; so, too, apparently are cats.

A scrawny little cat made its way into right field Tuesday night during the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves, and like any normal mammal, it cowered in fear of Giancarlo Stanton. The Marlins slugger was trying to open a gate in the fence so the little guy could get off the field, but then a security guard spooked it, and it took off for center field and the siren song of Total Chaos. The cat then scaled the center-field wall, making use of the netting in front of the scoreboard, and was even urged on by the crowd and broadcasters—"Terrific stuff by The Cat!"—until finally arriving at its destination: altered consciousness.

Marlins Park suspended use of the Home Run Sculpture while the cat remained inside it, but you can only stare into the sun for so long. Too much of anything, they say, is good for nothing. The cat was ready to peace out:

Update: Upon being rescued safely, #RallyCat's elusiveness persisted, and it again ran away – this time into the night. Rally on, #RallyCat!
— Marlins Park (@MarlinsPark) April 12, 2017

The Marlins beat the Braves, 8-4.