Joey Votto is a Stone-Cold, Souvenir Ball-Denying Troll

"Joey Votto is the villain we deserve."

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jul 4 2016, 1:06pm

Joey Votto is considered a villain by many—take his paper airplane-stomping antics this past May, or the time he arrogantly called himself a "bad motherfucker" to reporters. It's the kind of fun-sponge bullshit to get you mean mugged by fans and blacklisted from family-friendly media interviews. But you know what? Joey Votto is a bad motherfucker. One stone-cold, badass motherfucking Troll King.

Take last night's Cincinnati Reds game at the Washington Nationals. Votto's Reds may have fallen 3-2 after 14 innings to the Nats, but Votto made sure he got his—he always does. Not once (above), but twice (below) did Joey see the desperate outstretched hands of Nationals fans, hoping to take away a souvenir foul ball, only to decide "fuck it" and deny them outright to their stupid, stinking faces.

That's some dastardly, Snidley Whiplash-level villainy right there.

If you were to think that this was Votto's first cruelty rodeo, you'd be damn wrong. This man has been souvenir ball trolling for a good long minute. Check out the time he messed with Philly fans back in May:

As a tired Batman meme once said, you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. And Joey Votto is still kicking.