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Nick Saban Is an Insane Person: Vol. 1,277,045

Nick Saban does not have sit here and listen to your "Is it OK to lose?" questions.

by Sean Newell
Nov 28 2016, 11:03pm

You don't have to watch this whole video if you don't want to—you can skip ahead to say the 1:08 mark or so—but as with any good song or book or film, you really have to observe the whole work to do any sort of justice to the climactic moment. Nick Saban is asked a fairly benign question—a two-parter, actually (more on that later)—about Alabama's upcoming game against Florida for the SEC championship, and it took roughly 45 seconds before he reached boiling point and blew his lid right off.

In the video above, from, the disembodied voice of a timid reporter asks Saban if he expected his team to be short on "competitive fire" for the game since they essentially have a College Playoff spot locked up regardless of the outcome. Saban begins somewhere between Slightly Miffed and Incredulous and gradually works his way to I Will Murder Everyone in This Room Right Now If I Get Even One More Idiotic Question Like That Again and then back down to I Mean, Jesus Christ, Guys for the denouement.

The really special thing about this is that despite all the wild gesticulating, his face remains pretty calm throughout. But his voice is positively quivering with rage, making the facial serenity all the more impressive. Sure, this could be a motivational tactic to ensure his team avoids the very letdown the reporter is alluding to, but I also wholeheartedly believe that Nick Saban is a crazy person and was actually moved to the precipice of physical violence by the question.

After Saban calms back down, the reporter goes into his second question, about quarterback Jalen Hurts. He doesn't even get the question off before Saban says, "You shoulda asked that first."

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