Welsh Beach Touch Rugby Match Turns Into a Brawl

This has been the summer of Wales. Why not celebrate it with a brawl during a beach touch rugby match?

by Joseph Flynn
Jul 26 2016, 6:36pm

In many ways, this has been the Summer of Wales. Typically overshadowed on the world stage by England, Scotland and Ireland, the Welsh stormed into the headlines in recent months, first with a surprise semifinal berth in Euro 2016, then by tag-teaming with their English brethren to pass Brexit (suck it, Scotland and Northern Ireland!).

Who are these mysterious people from the hinterlands of the British Isles, the land of dragons and unpronounceable towns like Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, and what do they do in their leisure time?

They play beach Touch Rugby, as it turns out. Oh, and they fight.

This footage comes from the 11th installment of the Beach Rugby Wales touch rugby tournament, which took place last weekend in Swansea. Two matches were interrupted (Porth vs. Wattstown, Ferndale vs. Rhigos) and all four teams got involved in the brawl before all was said and done. Police and security intervened, and all four teams were ejected from the tournament.

I believe the announcer summed it up best: "Teams, this is only touch. I know it's physical touch, but that's a bit too physical. Alright?"

But this is still rugby, after all, and rugby brawls aren't to be taken too seriously, as legendary English flanker (and Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) Neil Back reminds us: