You Can Listen to Dirty Projectors' New Self-Titled Album Early

Featuring Dave Longstreth rapping, which is better than you think!
February 21, 2017, 8:46pm

Dirty Projectors leader David Longstreth has had quite some years since his project's last album, the calmly wonky Swing Lo Magellan, dropped in 2012. He helped co-write the Kanye/Rihanna/Macca smash "FourFiveSeconds" while also collaborating with Joanna Newsom and Solange. His relationship with Dirty Projectors co-guitarist/vocalist Amber Coffman also ended, which led to yet another restructuring of the generally nebulous band back to its mostly solo origins. The resulting album is now being streamed earlier than its Friday release date.

_Dirty Projectors _definitely sounds like more of a laptop-assembled bedroom record than Longstreth's previous math-folk opuses, but there's enough oddball string and vocal arrangements here to mark it as DP's work. There's also flirtations with rap and heartbroken R&B here, with Longstreth taking on an ATL triplet flow on "Death Spiral" and "Winner Take Nothing." It's not as cringeworthy as you're imagining it. You can listen to the whole album below.

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