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Far Out, Internet

Here are six of the most far flung Wi-Fi hotspots on Earth.

by Daniel Stuckey
Aug 30 2012, 7:08pm

Jumping off a bus in the middle of the night, I walk down the side of a Vietnamese highway with my friend, Pascal. It’s extremely dark and full of crickets outside — beside the occasional blare of another bus whizzing past. The blinking blue dot on my iPhone (with data-roaming magically switched off) shows we’ve overshot Dong Hoi, and now must backtrack a few miles by foot. “It’s chill,” I say, “as soon as we start to see houses, we’ll pick up some unprotected Wi-Fi — then we can Google a hotel, call them with Skype, warn them we’re coming, and call a cab.”

While this story shouldn’t dazzle any Dong Hoi locals, the concept is still pretty out there for a pair of westerners, who are much accustomed to the inaccessible nature of other people’s internet. While Virgin Mobile once compiled a list of totally obscure Wi-Fi hotspots, here are some that went forgotten while net-wrangling on the wayside sparked an interest for me to find some truly out-there places to cop a little broadband.

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