Facebook Is Launching a Dating Site in Canada

Who here is ready to date one of your parents' weird divorcee friends?!!?
November 8, 2018, 4:59pm
Zuckerberg dating app
Zuckerberg on Facebook's new dating platform. (Photo illustration by Sarah Berman) 

In case you didn’t already have the big tech companies all up in your bullshit enough, Facebook has started a dating app and Canada is getting one of the first cracks at this nut.

Heck ya, why not let Big Daddy Facebook help you fuck?

The tech company decided that Canucks would be among the world’s first guinea pigs when it comes to their dating app. Canada, which has 24 million monthly users of Facebook, will be North America’s first country—it’s already been live in Colombia and Thailand. All users 18 and older should have access to the account starting Thursday.

The new dating feature—like a Russian nesting doll of privacy concerns—works like an app within the greater Facebook app. In the sub-app, users are forced to create a new profile—only your first name and age will be visible from this account—the company, in a release, is adamant they will “not share your dating activity to your Facebook Profile [or] News Feed.” The site will suggest users to you from friends of friends or those with similar tastes in events and groups—it won’t match you with anyone in your friend list.

Photos via Facebook.

So essentially you’ll see who you match with from your groups and from the events you’ve gone to. This is really good in case you want to date someone from the “Luv 2 Slam Monster Energy” group you joined in high school for some weird reason and never left.

In the press demos, the site looks conspicuously like Tinder but they have fixed one of Tinders most annoying features: the fact you can’t go back when you accidentally swipe right on someone. Facebook’s app has something called second look that will let you go back and, as they put it, “reconsider someone.” From the looks of it when you match with someone you’re going to see their profile, some photos, their mutual friends, and some things they posted about what they like—you can click on any of these to start a “conversation.”

The app was spearheaded by Charmaine Hung, the technical program manager for Facebook Dating. In a release, Hung said Facebook’s user base was ripe for a dating app.

“More than 200 million people have listed themselves as single in their relationship status on Facebook,” he wrote about the tech giants ambitions. “We view this as an incredible opportunity to continue helping people build relationships in meaningful ways on Facebook.”

Photos via Facebook.

Facebook is a company that has repeatedly proven to be, shall we say, a little sloppy when it comes to the massive amount of data they have lifted from their giant user base. Privacy experts have said that this addition to the Facebook app compounds the privacy risk on the social media platform. Furthermore, it’s been previously reported that Facebook is losing its youth base in dramatically high numbers so, long story short, them having a dating app that matches you with friends of friends only really means one thing.

Get ready to date one of your parent's weird divorcee friends, fam.

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