Hang Glider Clings for Life When He Discovers He's Not Strapped In

The pilot apparently failed to secure him to the glider, so he had to hang on for dear life.

by Sean Newell
Nov 27 2018, 7:19pm

The video above is entitled "SWISS MISHAP" and, let me tell you reader, within 30 seconds you can really feel the all caps vibe. It seems a man was on vacation in Switzerland and decided to spend his first day getting a bird's eye view of the magnificent scenery the Alps provide. The only problem was, our traveler was not able to truly enjoy the view because he was busy not plummeting to an untimely demise.

According to the running commentary in the video—which is incredibly good-natured, all things considered—the pilot failed to secure his first-time rider to the harness on the glider, so all that was preventing him from falling was some impressive upper body strength. The pilot also helped out, grabbing his passenger while still trying to steer the thing with one hand.

He made a fairly quick landing (which likely felt like an eternity) just as our friend lost grip. While his life was saved, he did sustain some injuries including a broken wrist as well as a torn bicep tendon from holding on for dear life for over two minutes. Still, as he says, waaaaaay better than the alternative.

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports US.