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Jazz Cartier's "Right Now" Is a Testament to Hard Drums and Snazzy Lighting

The new single featuring KTOE on the beat gets a fresh video that bathes the Toronto rapper in cool millennial colours.

by Phil Witmer
Apr 13 2018, 5:47pm


Self-proclaimed prince of Toronto Jazz Cartier dropped a song last week called "Right Now" that, true to form, found him spitting regally on an undeniable and forthright beat by rapper/producer KTOE. It's Jacuzzi's most direct single in some time, and definitely brings discussion of the still forthcoming Fleurever project back on the table.

The song now has a video to literally illuminate the club-ready sonic trappings, featuring Jazz getting his hair done and lounging around while bathed in the omnipresent pink-purple-blue colour scheme favoured by millennial media. It's an objectively good way to light people and settings! Watch the "Right Now" video above.

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