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Tyriqueordie Switches Up His Sensory Saga with 'Episode 3'

The Toronto rapper hits the club and shows his face at last.

by Phil Witmer
Jan 22 2018, 3:18pm

Tyriqueordie's first two "episodes" of music video suites found the young rapper/producer from Scarborough curating all manner of out-there imagery to accompany his equally horizon-expanding music. The third part of the five-part saga starts similarly, with trippy animations soundtracking Tyrique's bombed-out trap, but a twist arrives via a meme-like skit featuring the Kill Bill siren (just watch it, it'll make sense).

The rest of the episode follows Tyrique (appearing in person for the first time) as he parties in a club, reflecting a musical about-face from stoned alt-rap to bouncy, colourful neo-funk. It's no less layered than his usual M.O., both visually and sonically, and represents a striking step forward in range for an artist who's still just beginning to explore what he can do. Watch "Episode 3" above.

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