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Trump now threatening to sue Bannon, Manafort sues Mueller and the Justice Department, Trump drops electoral fraud charade, and more.

by VICE Staff
Jan 4 2018, 4:11pm

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US News

Trump Threatens to Take Bannon to Court
The president’s lawyer Charles Harder accused Bannon of violating a non-disclosure agreement and giving cause for a defamation case with comments he made to Michael Wolff for a new book. The former White House strategist reportedly told Wolff that Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians at Trump Tower was “treasonous." Trump reacted angrily to the published excerpt, issuing a statement claiming Bannon had “lost his mind.”—VICE News

Manafort Sues Mueller and the Justice Department
The former Trump campaign chairman filed a lawsuit against the special counsel, the Department of Justice, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday. The suit alleges that their actions in setting up and pursing a wide-ranging special investigation into Russian election meddling have been “arbitrary, capricious, and not in accordance with the law.” A DOJ spokesperson called the suit “frivolous.”—VICE News/NBC News

Trump Gives Up on Election Fraud Dreams
On Wednesday, the president scrapped his own commission designed to look into false claims—by him—that widespread voter fraud took place during the 2016 election. In a statement explaining his decision to use an executive order to dissolve the panel, Trump blamed the “many states” who refused to provide information on voters.—VICE News

Flawed Microchips Vulnerable to Hacking, Researchers Say
Security researchers have found two significant defects in the Intel, ARM, and AMD chips that power almost all computer devices and servers around the world. Both weaknesses—named Meltdown and Spectre—leave microprocessors susceptible to data theft. One researcher said the Spectre flaw would “live with us for decades.”—The New York Times

International News

Australia Wants to Be World Leader in Medical Weed
The Australian government is drafting legislation to allow the export of marijuana for medicinal purposes in a bid to compete with leading exporters Canada and the Netherlands. The health minister, Greg Hunt, said he wants “to give Australian farmers and manufacturers the best shot at being the world’s number one exporter of medicinal cannabis.”—BBC News

French President Plans Crackdown on Fake News
President Emmanuel Macron has proposed legislation aimed at stopping the spread of fake news online. Under his rules, websites and social media platforms in the country would have to have to explain who is paying for sponsored content, and limits would be placed on such spending. “If we want to protect liberal democracies, we must be strong and have clear rules,” he said.—The Guardian

Israel to Investigate Death of Disabled Palestinian Protestor
Military police will examine how 29-year-old Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh died at a December demonstration against the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The UN high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra‘ad al-Hussein, has claimed Thurayeh, who used a wheelchair, was shot by Israeli soldiers at the Gaza-Israel border.—Reuters

Everything Else

Trump to Attend College Football Final
The president is said to be planning to show up at the College Football Playoff national championship game on Monday, despite Kendrick Lamar playing the halftime show. Lamar called Trump a “chump” on his track “The Heart Part 4.”—USA Today / Vulture

Ellen Page Shares News She Got Married
The Juno actress revealed she wed dance teacher Emma Portner on Instagram. “Can’t believe I get to call this extraordinary woman my wife,” Page wrote alongside photos of the wedding rings and the couple together.—AP

Tony Blair Rejects Trump Surveillance Story
The former British Prime Minister refuted a claim in Michael Wolff’s new book that he once told Jared Kushner UK intelligence could be monitoring Trump’s campaign. “This story is a complete fabrication,” Blair said.—The Guardian

Spotify Reportedly Set to Go Public
The streaming company has filed initial documents with the feds to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, according to reports published Wednesday. Spotify, last valued at $15 billion, is apparently keen to make the move in the first quarter of 2018.—Noisey

Probably No More ‘Rick and Morty’ Until 2019
Writer and producer Ryan Ridley said the Adult Swim show was set for another long hiatus, noting he would be surprised “if there was a fourth season on the air anytime sooner than 2019... late 2019.”—VICE

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